Christopher Silva-Broussard is a self-taught American photographer. His portfolio contains landscape and concert photographs but he specializes in contemporary long exposures. He began creating long exposures due to serendipitous experimentations with his first camera. 


Christopher was born in Oakland, California. He moved to Sonoma County at a young age and grew up in Sebastopol, California where he currently resides.


Christopher’s exposure to art began at a very early age. His father is an accomplished ceramist, photographer and digital arts teacher while his mother taught herself how to develop photographs in her high school darkroom. He attended a Waldorf primary school where music, painting, acting, and drawing were key components of his education. His parents took him to many museums and art galleries when he was growing up. In spite of all this, Chris’s interest in photography didn't develop until he was in College. 


Christopher attended Oregon State University where he took his first photography class, an eight hour community course. He took two years away from school before transferring to Sacramento State University to study photography. It was during this two year break that he began to develop his creative voice. He traveled to Iceland alone with the goal of creating portfolio quality landscape photographs, but it was in the forest in his hometown where he found that long exposures are what he enjoys most.


Christopher’s artwork portrays the depth of human emotions from bliss to fury to apathy. He creates emotionally driven photographs through long exposures, with delicate but unyielding subjects. Balanced compositions are consistent in his photographs, demonstrating his appreciation for art nouveau. Evidence of the imprint from his Waldorf education can also be seen in the natural settings and hints of mythological creatures in his photographs.


Christopher’s work has been shown in juried gallery exhibitions around Northern California, in places like Palo Alto and Santa Rosa. His work has also been shown internationally in Rome, Italy and published out of Ontario, Canada.