Artist's Statement

I seek to liberate the passing perceptions of creatures and scenes in my mind through my photography. Some of my photos are also vicarious self portraits. I make my emotionally driven photographs through long exposures, with delicate but unyielding subjects. 


The beings and spirits I photograph are the focus of my pieces. Some are forest folk, some are apparitions, and others are manifestations of internal emotions. I photograph the ones I can, while others slip away. They are neither good nor bad. Some are hurt, some seek things unseen, some are trapped, some are lively, some just are. I strive to convey a sense of nostalgia and longing for things that have not been nor will ever be through the movements that they make.


Although I draw inspiration from various time periods and the world around me, my intent is to make my photographs feel unbound to any time period or sense of time. Photographing in minimal nature settings and using nebulous garments are among my strategies for creating images that don’t belong to any era.


I enjoy making long exposure photographs because of its unpredictability. Having moving subjects makes each shot different than the last no matter how closely the movements are replicated. Leaving the camera lens open for even a few seconds creates one image composed of thousands. What I create cannot be seen with the naked eye, it is real but appears only in my mind and the photographs I design. I believe it’s the best way to portray the inevitable changing of all we know in a single moment.